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Kevin's photographic journey started in his O.A.C year of high school during a media english class, which had a small portion of photography integrated in to it. Once the shutter clicked and his first image was born, the photographic passion was coded into his DNA.
In 2008 Kevin decided to quit his factory job and attend Fanshawe College in London Ontario, Canada for photography. During his time in the program, Kevin learned the photographic basics and won first place in the schools Print Competition under the Winter Landscape category. After the first year in the program, Kevin decided that school wasn't right for him, so he left the program. Using the internet and many photography books, Kevin started to learn different lighting techniques and photoshop techniques which started to build his style.
Kevin is mainly a portrait photographer who is starting to branch out into the world of Fine Art Portraiture incorporating a dream like feel to his images using surrealism to create worlds and moods in his work. Although he is very much into photographing people, Kevin also thrives on being out in nature photographing it's many landscapes and creatures, anything from the Woods to the water. 
 " If the shutter isn't clicking, my heart isn't beating " - Kevin Vyse.     

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