Kevin Vyse

Kevin Vyse is a portrait based photographer who also loves all the beauty this world provides us through it’s ever changing landscapes.

“ Put me in a forest, up on a mountain top, out in the ocean.. out deep in a rainforest.. I love the earths landscapes, nature.. it’s beautiful “. When Kevin first started photography he swore he was never going to work with people, “people can judge me”. Over the years he started working with friends, then started taking on shoots with bands, business owners etc.. before he knew it portraits were a second passion for him.

” Lighting is insane! I love it. When life hands you a horrible lighting situation or even no light at all, it feels amazing to pull out some flashes and modifiers to create your own light”. Kevin’s lighting style is moody, with a darker feel, lots of shadow and contrast which he feels makes an image look “rich”. With 10+ years experience, Kevin can work with clients to take a collaboration of ideas and mould them into an incredible shoot.