St.Thomas Ontario Air Show

It's Canada Day weekend for us Canuck's! In St.Thomas Ontario, the air show was underway. Weather was not looking so good first thing in the morning so I wasn't to sure if I'd be attending or not, but as the afternoon came, the clouds broke up and the sun came out. I couldn't resist, as i'm an airplane fanatic, I had to drive the hour to St.Thomas and see this show. 
I didn't want to pay to go to the show as I had already paid the $30 to go to two other air shows a few weeks before. I found street behind the airport that wasn't surrounded by police kicking everyone off the side of the roads. Luckily enough, the spot I picked was the direct line the planes were using to circle around the airport, so they all flew directly over head, which made for great shots. 
Sitting in the car a heard a scream from some engines and as I looked up, out shot the snowbirds. It was weird because the snowbirds usually end the air show, not start them up, but it was a great new approach, a surprise, and really a great way to start the show.
Anyways, it was a great day, there were a lot of people, the weather held up and it was great to once again smell the jet fuel burning in the air. 
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Bowing B-17 Vintage