Jack Richardson Music Awards 2017

London Music Week happens in London Ontario, Canada and it's a week long event all over the city celebrating and honouring musicians/bands from London Ontario. This event is also known as the Jack Richardson Music Awards, as there is an award ceremony at the end of the week with different categories for bands to win under.

This year Kevin Vyse Photography had the pleasure of being brought in, by Cory Crossman of London Music Office who connected me to the Jack Richardson Music Awards founder Mario Circelli to photograph some of these concerts taking place during this week of music. For 2 nights during the week I would be in London Ontario, with an all access media pass at the edge of the stage photographing live music as it unfolded. I would have liked to be able to photograph more, but the full time work schedule tends to get in the way of photography quite often.

Night one (Monday, April 3rd) was the opening show, kicking off the week. Upon arrival, I was met by Mario Circelli at the doors who treated me like gold and took me into the London Music Hall to get my media pass. Through the night of shooting Mario was very accommodating, constantly making sure I had everything I needed and was getting the access I required to get the best shots I could.
    Night one was: Taylor Holden and The Law Of Averages, The Weathered and Ivory Hours.

Taylor Holden and the Law Of Averages:


The Weathered:

Night Two (Thursday April 6th) was a big night as the Canadian Icon Rockers HELIX was headlinging the night along with bands After The Lounge and Bobnoxious.