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RAW: Natural Born Artists - Panorama

Good day everyone! June 19th/2014 from 1pm-3pm, I will be in Toronto, Ontario at The Revival Bar doing my very first artist showcase with RAW Artist. Raw artist is an organization, which is world wide, who promote all artists. They secure a venue in different cities around the world and allow artists to present their work and get their names out there. 
Tickets are $15 each if you get them through my link on the RAW Artists page ( If you purchase your ticket through this link, not only will you be able to come to the show, but you're also helping me out huge as I MUST sell a minimum of 20 tickets to show my work. So even if you can't make it to Toronto, just purchasing a ticket helps me on this new adventure and shows your support for my work. 

This even isn't all about me either, there are many artists showing their work. You can expect to see drawings, paintings, sculptures, live bands, Fashion shows, Hair and Make up. It's a party, a chance to get out, have some fun, meet some new people and experience a lot of creative minds, so I urge you all to get your tickets and come on out to PANORAMA!