How Does It All Work When We Book?

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Here you will find out how this all works! This is pretty much a Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) portion to my site.. so sit back, read through the questions and you should have a pretty good idea on what to expect… if you do still have some questions, always feel free to send me an email.


Where will my shoot take place?

The client is responsible for picking a location, I may have recommendations but ideally try to have a location in mind, as well as a loose idea of what you want to shoot. we can collaborate to form a solid plan for your shoot.

How can i pay for my shoot?

kevin vyse photography accepts cash and e-transfers only

what should we wear to our shoot?

what ever is comfortable for you :) these are your images, so how ever you would like to dress is up to you. the only suggestion i have, would be to consider your location. example: a white shirt in the middle of winter, outdoors in the snow might not be the best idea as you may blend into the background and half of you would be lost.. hehehe

is there an extra cost for more people?

this is a great question and the answer is… yes, i allow up to 5 people per shoot, anyone over 5 is an extra $35 per person ( this rule is exempt for weddings). this is due to the fact that working with more than 5 people can be more difficult with posing everyone and making sure everyone is smiling and not blinking during the session which can add more time to your shoot as we may have to reshoot images to make sure everyone is looking their best at the same time.

will you come pick us up?

another great question and unfortunately, no. due to liability reasons i do not permit clients to ride in my vehicle. we will meet up at the location of your choice, or i can drive to your home and follow you out to the location if it is difficult to find.

is there a deposit required to book our day?

in order to book your day/time, yes, there is a 30% non-refundable retainer required to book your day/time.

what is your cancelation policy?

i do require a minimum 24 hours notice before your shoot if you cannot make it. this is important so that i may find another client to fill the spot, or make other plans, the earlier the notice the better as it gives me more time to find someone to fill the spot.

what happens if i do not give 24 hours before canceling?

unfortunately, in this situation it is likely i will not rebook with you. no-shows are very frustrating for the photographer as we book up sessions and hold time slots for you. we budget business expenses and when someone no-shows we now lost money from our budget and won’t have time to book someone else in. also, there are other clients that may have wanted the same day and lost out as we book first come first serve. not showing up will lose you money as well as your retainer is non-refundable… so if you’re going to book, please make sure you check your schedule very carefully and make sure you can definitely make the shoot :)

how far are you willing to travel for photos?

for the most part i try to stick to the kitchener/woodstock/london Ontario area. now this does change if you are requesting destination weddings. also, any shoots that i take on outside of the kitchener/woodstock/london area are subjected to a fee of 60 cents per kilometre above the quoted cost to cover gas costs.