Who Is Kevin Vyse?...

Around 8 years old, Kevin & his friend Ed saw a window open at a local grade school. Young boys being as curious as possible decided to climb into that window for an adventure. What was the only thing in that room that caught Kevin's eye? thats right, an old Nikon Film SLR. Kevin had to have it, and have it he did... upon returning home with this SLR his parents were not impressed and made him return it, which he did. 

Through the years, photography kept popping up in Kevin's life. In high school he took a media english class that had a portion of photography integrated into it which really excited Kevin. From that moment on photography would be a big part of his life. 

In 2008 Kevin attended Fanshawe College for Photography. After 1 year of the 2 year program, he realized that College was just showing him everything he had already taught himself via the Internet so he decided to part ways from the program. With drive and passion guiding his path, Kevin dug deep into the internet finding online courses, books, tutorials and even paying to learn from professional photographers and photoshop guru's. All this passion, time & money has made Kevin into the photographer you see in front of you. 

" Photography is in my DNA.. I once tried to put the camera down and walk away from it simply because I wasn't happy with the work I create... but a month later the need to pick up the camera was strong. There's something therapeutic about the sound of that shutter clicking, the smile on a clients face when they see their images ... I just can't get enough of it " - Kevin Vyse.


All photography provided by Kevin Vyse.