Dresden Ontario was happenin' Saturday 14th with their Kinstock Festival. Great food, Beer, Sun, Amazing people and of course... MUSIC! live performances from: Kelsi Mayne, Kansas Stone, Andrew Hyatt and The Reklaws, what a crazy line up and they were all phenomenal. 



If you follow this blog you will remember Kelsi.. you know, the beautiful country singer with the amazingly red hair, catchy songs, and phenomenal stage presence, along with her band mates who are not only incredible friendly and easy to talk to, but also very talented musicians. Like any other time I have seen and photographed Kelsi perform, this show was dead on, sounded great and her and her band mates were having so much fun on stage. 2 main changes in this set that I haven't seen yet.. 1) her friend and fellow singer Jace Cooper up on stage with Kelsi singing for one song and 2) a little Country meets hiphop.. thats all I'm going to say.. if you want to understand that a bit more.. well I guess you will have to visit Kelsi's website, look under her "Dates" section to find out when she's performing next and where and buy yourself a ticket ;) ----- Kelsi's website .. click the link    ----------> Kelsi Mayne


These dudes just kill it on stage, such a fun band with an amazing rock vibe and sound. They are the "gateway drug to country music " kind of band. Not taking crap from anyone and doing their own thing, creating their own sound and always bringing the party with them no matter where they're playing, they always get the crowd going and dancing, everyone has a great time when Kansas Stone hits the stage!   ---------->  Kansas Stone


Brother and Sister duo, Stu and Jenna are blowing up! The Reklaws are so good live, high energy, super catchy tunes with crowd participation.. you just want to sing along, jump, dance, throwing in some great cover songs in their set keeping you on your toes.. love going to their shows. Dresden got a really good taste of what it's like, amping up the crowd, everyone had so much fun during their set. One of my fav moments was during one of their slower songs (can't remember which one at the moment), but I was in the crowd and right in front of me a couple started to slow dance and just as I decided to snap a shot of them dancing, they leaned in for a kiss.. pretty sweet lil' moment to capture.  ----------> The Reklaws. 


Definitely check this dude out.. Canadian through and through from Sudbury Ontario. This guy rocks! You can't help but get out there and see him perform, he has this original voice and some damn good tunes that get you going and ready to live the night. Andrew Hyatt is going places, already has and he will continue to, it's in his music, so if you don't know him.. do yourself a favour and get to know him/his music ---------->  Andrew Hyatt.