Highway of Hero's: John Gallagher's Journey Home.

Canadian Flags dancing in the chilling November air, the crowed gathered, more and more flooding in on the over pass blocking traffic from passing. 
John Gallagher, 32 years old from the Chatham-Kent area of Ontario, served 3 years in the Canadian Military. When his contract was up he decided resigning was not what he wanted to do as he was told that he would be pushing papers. Shortly after his decision not to stay with the military Afghanistan happened. 

Volunteering, and putting his life on the line, John Gallagher headed into to Syria to battle ISIS with the Kurdish Forces. Sadly, John lost his life to an ISIS suicide bomber. After watching a video from Maclean's, it was apparent that John had complete faith that we would defeat ISIS and now, in his honour and for all of our lives, the need to irraticate ISIS is extremely apparent. 
John Robert Gallagher is a true, Canadian Hero who deserved every bit of respect that he had coming down the Highway of Hero's. To be quite honest with you, I personally believe John deserved MORE than what I witness on the Highway Of Hero's. 
What do I mean by more? The highway was not shut down, there wasn't really a police escort, other traffic did not pull over to make way for him, some of the more ignorant drivers were passing around them and cutting in front of the motorcade. With that said, the out pour of people who came out and lined the bridges over the 401 from Toronto to Blenheim Ontario was outstanding! Thousands of people filling up every bridge to pay respects to John and his family was a very emotional sight.  

Leading the way of John Gallagher's Journey home down the Highway of Hero's was a Motorcycle club known for their military support, The North Wall Riders paved the way for John and hearing those motorcycle engines Rawr down the highway was fitting. 
Due to the highway not being properly closed for John's Journey home, the motorcade was moving at a high rate of speed and with ignorant drivers cutting in and around them.. there really weren't to many images I could capture but I did manage to get a few. 

R.I.P John Robert Gallaher. Gone to soon, but never forgotten. You are a true Canadian Hero.
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Motorcade Approaches on the Highway Of Hero's - Woodstock Ontario, Dodge Line Bridge.

Shadows Fall on the Highway Of Hero's, Showing the crowd's support with waving Canadian Flags and Signs that read " WE LOVE YOU " & "THANK YOU" as John Gallagher Passes down the Highway of Hero's.

R.I.P John Gallagher. Gone to soon, But Never Forgotten... you are a true Canadian Hero

Family and Friends, Support. 

The Crowd Gathers to pay respects to John Gallagher as he passes in Woodstock Ontario at the Dodge Line bridge. A lot more people showed up, including Beachville Fire.. this was about 2 hours before he arrived.

Support & Canadian Pride. Flags blowing in the Cold November air.

Afghanistan War Memorial Unveiling

158 Flags snapping around, dancing in the cool wind of April 11th 2015. A crowed gathered around the Cenotaph in Woodstock ON. to pay respects and await the unveiling of a piece of history. 

158 Soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom in Afghanistan. One of these soldiers struck close to home; Pte. Tyler W. Todd from Bright Ontario, Canada lost his life while on foot patrol due to a road side bomb 5 years ago today (April 11th 2010). This Afghanistan War Monument, which is a soldiers Rifle, boots and helmet also known as the Battle Cross, was put in place in Woodstock, not only in Memory of Pte. Tyler W. Todd, but for all the soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan. 

It was pleasure to be brought in to photograph this ceremony by the good fellows from THE EVENING OF HONOUR; 3 fellows: Jeremy Mac Knott, Kevin DeClark and Stephen Smith who decided one day that the veteran's of the Afghanistan War needed to be commemorated as this war was Canada's longest conflict, so they put together THE EVENING OF HONOUR, which is an event to raise money which can be put towards things like this War Memorial to commemorate the fallen. So much was happening: The colour party marching in, Wreaths being laid, Politicians speaking, Veteran motorcycle clubs riding in, 158 Flags stood at attention, each with the names of the fallen printed on the flag sticks and even a fly over by a WWII Harvard aircraft. It was a cold day due to the high winds but the skies were pretty clear and blue, the sun was out and the crowd was large, what more could we ask for. To see a community come together to honour our military personnel, Past, Present and future was amazing. - Shutter Click.

Evening Of Honour Members: Kevin DeClark, Jeremy Mac Knott (JMAC) and Stephen Smith Standing with Matt, who was in Afghanistan with Pte.Tyler W. Todd.

The Devils Regimen Salute the Cenotaph after laying down a wreath. 

Afghanistan War Monument a.k.a THE BATTLE CROSS Sits Proud alongside the Woodstock ON. Cenotaph. 158 Canadian Flags dance in the wind, each with a fallen soldiers name on the wooden shaft. 

3 Military men march out after placing a wreath at the Cenotaph. 

Saluting the Cenotaph after placing the wreath 

Jeremy and Kevin show a father of one of the fallen, his sons flag which was placed directly behind the Battle Cross. 

Base of the Afghanistan Monument.

Cadets March In. 

Colour Party Marches In.

Dave MacKenzie Speech.

Ernie Hardeman Speech.

Woodstock Ontario's Mayor: Trevor Birtch, Speech.

Fellas from THE EVENING OF HONOUR at the podium.

Jeremy doing an interview with CTV.

Kevin doing an interview with CTV.

Jeremy, Kevin, Stephen and Matt unveiling the Afghanistan War Memorial: Battle Cross.

Kevin standing up at the Cenotaph.

The Minute Of Silence. 

A few Military men hanging out as they get ready to start the ceremony. 

Silver Cross Mothers Presenting the Silver Cross to the Cenotaph.

Silver Cross Mothers receiving roses.

Soldiers presenting a wreath to lay at the Cenotaph.

The Devils Regiment arrives.

Members of the Woodstock Police Department Stand amongst the 158 Flags.

Pte. Tyler W. Todd's Mother reaches out to touch the Battle Cross in memory of her son while holding onto her grand daughter.