Never in a million years would I have ever thought that photography would take me to the Juno’s… but first I want to say, it didn’t really take me to the Juno awards themselves.. but very close and I am very thankful for the opportunity I was given. Leading up to the Juno Award night there is JUNO FEST, which is 100 different bands playing in 15 different venue’s across the city (London Ontario). Just outside of Budweiser Gardens in the South Parking Lot there was a giant heated tent that housed THE SIDE STAGE, which is where some bigger acts played and the Official Juno’s After Party was held. With the wrist band I was awarded, I had access to the Side Stage and all 15 venues in London, could cut the lines and get in early in order to photograph the bands playing in each venue. This wristband also allowed me to have access to the JUNO CUP, a hockey game between the Artists, and Professional Hockey players.

With out going through all the details and dragging this blog post out into a massive thing no one will ever read…. Side Stage was incredible. It was the first show I shot during the Juno’s and it started out with the incredible WASHBOARD UNION who I had not seen yet and really wanted to so it was amazing that I was able to see them (seen them twice during the Juno’s but we’ll get to that), but also photograph them! These guys are incredible, such a friendly bunch, their vocal harmonies are dead on and sound so good, their songs are lively and keep your feet tappin’. Up next was Jess Moskaluke who I had also never seen and also wanted to.. I was on a roll! she was fantastic sounded just like she does on the radio and knocked out all her hits. Last but definitely not least THE REKLAWS!!! I’ve photographed The Reklaws … 4 or 5 times now and they never ever get old.. seriously.. love them to death, their songs are contagious, Jenna is hilarious on stage and so fun, Stu with his smiles and for some reason always seems to look my way and give me a point his finger or his guitar and I love it!

Back to The Washboard Union. After they won their Juno for Breakthrough group of the year.. and I mean right after, they were performing again at The Bull and Barrel and let me tell you, that show was insane. The high Washboard was on from winning that Juno, the buzz from the crowd excited to see them and so very happy for them winning a Juno.. the place was so packed, I was lucky I got there over an hour early so I could be right up front because If I had shown up even 20 mins later than I did.. I was at the back of the building. Washboard Union was so happy to win and even happier to share their win with their fans in Bull and Barrel that night it was one hell of a party.. they have a rule where they do not drink if they are performing, but just once, that rule was broken to celebrate their Juno. Shots were brought out and Chris from the band says “ boys the medicine is here” … many thank you’s were said, so much appreciation from the band to the fans, to each other.. it was a moment i’ll never forget.

This post is getting very long so I’m just going to list the other bands I had the pleasure of photographing and I want them all to know I’m so thankful for their music, their image shares and the opportunities I’ve had to photograph:


There would be more on this list, such as The Trews, Genevieve Fisher and a few more but when I arrived to the venue’s at their set times they were so packed I literally couldn’t even get in the doorway.



Jess Moskaluke performing at the 2019 JUNO’s - Side Stage in London, On.
© Kevin Vyse | Stage Pass Media


The Reklaws performing on the Side Stage at the 2019 Juno’s - London Ontario.
© Kevin Vyse | Stage Pass Media


NICE HORSE performing during the 2019 JUNO FEST at Bull & Barrel - London Ontario
© Kevin Vyse | Stage Pass Media


JULIA HAGGARTY performing during the 2019 JUNO FEST - Bull & Barrel in London Ontario.
© Kevin Vyse | Stage Pass Media


AARON ALLEN performing at the 2019 JUNO FEST in London Ontario.
© Kevin Vyse | Stage Pass Media


LOUD LUXURY performing on the Side Stage during the 2019 JUNO’s - London Ontario.
© Kevin Vyse | Stage Pass Media


RYAN SHEPHERD performing during the 2019 JUNO’s on the Side stage - London Ontario.
© Kevin Vyse | Stage Pass Media


THE WASHBOARD UNION performing during the 2019 Juno fan fest in London ontario just after they won their Juno Award for Breakthrough Group Of The Year! Huge Congrats going out to these fellas.
© Kevin Vyse | Stage Pass Media

A HUGE thank you goes out to Rock It Promotions for hooking me up with the wristband and all their helpers at each venue guiding me through, also thank you to the Juno’s for making this such an amazing event. Thank you to the City of London for being so awesome and opening up all these venues for such an incredible and memorable experience. Thank you to Live Nation, Start.ca, Budweiser Gardens, Budweiser, Apple Music, TD Bank, Music Canada, SOCAN, VIA Rail, 3M, CBC Music, SiriusXM, Jackson Triggs, Long & McQuade … with out all of these sponsors things like this can’t happen.. and when things like this don’t happen, opportunities can’t happen.. this was an opportunity I never thought i’d have or get to be apart of… the Thankfulness is HUGE!

Kevin Vyse.

Great Lakes International Air Show 2016

   Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Vintage Airplanes, Paratroopers, Gliders and vendors, the 2016 Great Lakes International Air Show was fantastic! With a clear sky, a scorching sun and a very small breeze, the Snowbirds took to the skies to open the show. Screaming in from the left, right, front and back, not knowing where they will be coming from next or how many of them there will be, the snowbirds never disappoint! As an air show veteran, it was nice to see a few new maneuvers in their routine. 
   This year there was everything from a transport truck that had a jet engine on the back of it shooting a gigantic flame out the back and making large clouds of smoke, to a glider. A C-130 Hercules flew in from 8 Wing Trenton Airforce Base, made a few passes, dropped some WDI ( Wind Direction Indicators ) then two SAR Techs  leaped out the back, with parachutes of course. Once on the ground the C-130 made a pass, landed to show how quick it can stop, turned around and picked up the SAR Techs, then took off to show how little room it needs to take off. They were on duty so, so they could not stick around, but when they left they did one more high speed pass before they left the air space.
   Another crazy display, which I've never seen before at an air show was the car drop... Yep, I said car drop! A helicopter came out with a long cable hanging from the bottom of it and on the end of that cable was a white car. The announcers played it up like it was a car that parked in a no parking zone so the OPP came up with a way to get it out of the way... thats when they brought it out. Once nice and high in the air, they decided to "put the car down " ... and put it down they did. The cable cut loose and the car fell for what seemed like quite a while until BOOOM!!!!! a big cloud of smoke and bits and piece of car went flying! 
   Two favourites at the show were the F-18, Of course, and Pete Mcleod, A Red Bull Racer/stunt pilot who is the youngest race pilot in the history of racing ( I believe ). The F-18 Demo Jet ripped the skies hitting 1000km per hour just screaming by, you could feel it in your chest. With it's high altitude capabilities, it's quick high G turns, rolls, flips it's always an amazing sight.. My fav by far. 
Pete Mcleod, wow... this guy is insane! The things he does with this plane are mind blowing. Flips and rolls like nothing else.. things that make the plane look like it should just fall apart, or things a plane should never do. Climbing so high the engine stalls out, the tumbling uncontrollably back down to earth, Pete then regains control, powers full throttle using the earths gravity and the power of the engine, he gathers up a ton of speed to push him through the next series of flips and turns. 

Over all, it was an amazing day! The heat was intense 34ºC, no clouds and barely a breeze.. people were passing out, the EMT's had their hands full. Did I get burnt.. Oh yeah, I suffered heat stroke.. did I drink a ton of water.. sure did... did people have an amazing time.. you bet.. was it worth it.. HELL YES!!!! always is. Next up is the London Air Show in London Ontario, Canada.. cannot wait for that in September.. This year the F-22 Raptor will be there.. my dream plane. 
- Shutter Click.   

Rise Against Cancer 2016

Rise Against Cancer is an amazing charity concert held once a year in Woodstock Ontario. Cover bands from the Woodstock area come out to put on a concert to raise money for Cancer. The band Sweet N' Innocent are the founders and also the headliners for the event and what a show they put on! Not only is there a concert but there is also a silent auction, pizza and  lots of alcohol! 
I was honoured to be asked to photograph the event by fellow photographer Rachael Little, who has been photographing the event for the past few years. Rachael was unable to photograph the event this year so she set me up with Scott from Sweet N' Innocent so he could see my work and bring it to the band so they could decide if they wanted to have me photograph their event. 

These bands were amazing.. the covers were dead on, the lighting was fantastic and the crowed was pretty big, I was blown away. Everyone was having a fantastic time, singing along to old 80's covers from sweet n' innocent, and a variety of covers from other bands. 

This years line up included: 






Mud getting kicked in my face, Men and Women flying through the air, Bulls and Horses Jumping through the air.... this was my day at the 2014 RAM Rodeo in Woodstock Ontario, Canada. 

I never knew a rodeo would be so much fun! I'm not a cowboy by any means, sure I live in a small town that has a ton of farm land, and we're known as the Dairy Capitol, but I'm more of the city photographer guys. Still, I enjoyed myself quite a bit and Bull Riding.. geez those guys are nuts! I really wanted to give it a try but they wouldn't let me, must have been afraid I would have done really well.. hahahha just kidding, I give them a lot of credit, those Bulls go nuts out there. 
    Not only was there Bull riding, but they also had: Barrel racing, cattle roping, bucking bronco, both with saddle and bareback, horse slalom, and they even had these young ladies that did all these tricks while riding on horses, it was impressive. I will definitely be attending again next year, one of the best events Woodstock has to offer. - Shutter Click

Images Below.

Cowboy tries his best to hold on for 8 seconds, but this Bull had a different idea. This was the best bucking bull out of them all, I couldn't believe how wild he was. 

Cowboy gets thrown head first by this bucking bronco at the 2014 RAM Rodeo in Woodstock Ontario, Canada. 

Cowboy comes out of the gate with Lasso ready to rope the calf and tie em up!

Cowboy quickly dismounts his horse and runs over to the calf, flips it over and ties up its feet

After being thrown off this wild bulls back, it spins around and comes after the cowboy while laying in the mud... sometimes, the bull wins.

Almost made the 8 second mark, but this bull had other plans and quickly spun to the side throwing this cowboy off his back into the mud. 

Renaissance Festival!

WOW! it has been far to long since i've done a blog post, this must change. 

Smashing lances, crowds cheering, beer drinking, pig roasting, sword fighting and much much more! This was my experience today as I attended the 2014 Woodstock Ontario Renaissance Festival. This event was pretty amazing, with so much to see, from fire breathing to catapult slinging, archery, sword fights and Knights upon their steeds hitting each other with 10 foot wooden lances. When I showed up, the first thing I saw was 3 people dressed up in proper old time attire in a barn with Fire Batons spinning around their bodies, being balanced on their heads while another woman twirled around on a hula hoop type contraption hanging from the ceiling, it was quite impressive. 

   I continued onward to the grand stand where I heard the crowd yelling and clapping, of course I had to hurry to see what the ruckus was about. JOUSTING was about to commence! An announcer came out on a horse wearing quite the outfit and explaining what we were about to see and gave us the run down on how scoring for Jousting worked. Next rode out one of the knights, an older looking fellow with shiny armour. Then another knight came out, apparently they were father and son, who would think a father and son were about to joust one another, but thats what happened! 5 bouts took place with some real hard hits, one being dishorsed, chunks of wood flying through the air... men and women running through the crowd crying and screaming.... ok ok... that last part didn't happen, but in my weird over active mind it did lol. 

Here's some of my images from the day... I was only there for about an hour so I didn't get to see everything they had to offer. At some point there were sword and axe fights, some falconry and bands. There's still time, I may go back. - Shutter Click~


© Kevin Vyse Photography 
All rights reserved 2014 

Fire Blower getting a flame to burst off the end of the baton.

© Kevin Vyse Photography 

All rights reserved 2014

Lance smashes to pieces as the knights connect on horseback

© Kevin Vyse Photography 

All rights reserved 2014 

Another hard hit from the knights shattering the lances... the knight in blue was actually dishorsed with this hit.

© Kevin Vyse Photography 

All rights reserved 2014

First Knight came out and put his helmet on, then proceeded to ride right up to me for a close up photo op

© Kevin Vyse Photography 

All rights reserved 2014 

After jousting a crowd gathered on the grass as a bagpipe and drum band rocked out some tunes to promote their show later tonight. Braveheart style!