A Night With Colin James

Colin Freakin' James! 

Colin was brought to Woodstock last year for the Cowapalooza Festival in Woodstock Ontario, Canada, but sadly.. he never made it on stage because mother nature decided to flood the park with a torrential down pour. Summer 2017, Colin James was asked to come back and come back he did! With clear skies, a beauty summers night, stars out and all, Colin hit the stage with powerful guitar solos, deep bass lines, technical drumming, some outstanding keyboard work and of course some powerful, strong vocals that blew me away. 

With no media pass (which wasn't required anyways because it was a FREE, yes.. FREE concert in a public park ) I had to shoot from the crowd which was fine at first.. but pretty much after the first song everyone moved up and it got tight quick. Bobbing around peoples melons Colin made it pretty easy to get the shots using up all areas of the stage to put on an amazing performance. If you haven't seen Colin James, haven't heard of him even.. get out to a show, you won't be disappointed at all. - Shutter Click. 

Colin James
Cowapalooza Festival 2017
Woodstock On, Canada.

Family Fall Forest Fun!

The leaves were falling, trees looking pretty bare, the sun was out and beaming through the trees and there was a cool breeze making the air crisp as we ventured through the woods out towards the pond. Ashley, her daughter Pyper and I have known each other for years.. we're bestfriends and I'm sure you've all seen them in many of my images. These two I couldn't imagine my life without. There's a strapping young lad amongst these images who goes by the name of Kyle, and he is Ashley's fiance who I am growing fond of and get along with awesomely.. he gave me corn the first time I met him and after this shoot he supplied me with a big bag of Butternut squash.. how could I not like him? 

Every year we get together and set up a shoot or two so they always have pictures to see how far they've come and document Pypers growth, which I love. Every time we head out to shoot we always have a blast, Pyper is a dream to photograph always just being a kid and saying " Kevin, take my picture here... now over here.. can I take a picture with your camera? " as she holds down the shutter button and fires off 50 frames of blur lol, love this kid! 

Kyles parents have a huge amount of land with tons of forest and a big pond all of which we decided to use for this shoot. It was a bit chilly out and windy so we didn't spend to much time out there, but shot as much as we could before we were to cold. Next summer we will be going back and doing some fun creative stuff out on the lake with the canoe and a fog machine.. so make sure you keep checking back for those. 

Over all, we had a great time, made some great images and I can't wait to do it again!  

Wish them Bon Voyage as they take off to Florida to experience Disney Land! 

Rise Against Cancer 2016

Rise Against Cancer is an amazing charity concert held once a year in Woodstock Ontario. Cover bands from the Woodstock area come out to put on a concert to raise money for Cancer. The band Sweet N' Innocent are the founders and also the headliners for the event and what a show they put on! Not only is there a concert but there is also a silent auction, pizza and  lots of alcohol! 
I was honoured to be asked to photograph the event by fellow photographer Rachael Little, who has been photographing the event for the past few years. Rachael was unable to photograph the event this year so she set me up with Scott from Sweet N' Innocent so he could see my work and bring it to the band so they could decide if they wanted to have me photograph their event. 

These bands were amazing.. the covers were dead on, the lighting was fantastic and the crowed was pretty big, I was blown away. Everyone was having a fantastic time, singing along to old 80's covers from sweet n' innocent, and a variety of covers from other bands. 

This years line up included: 






     Fashion photograph has always been something I've found to be drawn to, oddly enough, I've never really shot it? 
     This Past weekend, my friend & Hair stylist, Cassidy, had asked to get together and do a shoot with her and one of her friends in London Ontario. We didn't really have a game plan, I honestly hate planning shoots out.. they never seem to follow the plan I make anyways so we decided to make it kind of a lifestyle/fashion shoot. With the weather getting all rainy and cold we decided to keep it in doors and lucky for us Cassandra ( Cassidy's friend and co-worker) had a great location for us to shoot in.. her house! 

From fashion, to punk/grunge this shoot went very well. We used 3 different spaces and a bunch of different wardrobe choices to create some awesome images that I am proud to have in my portfolio. 

A big thank you goes out to Cassidy & Cassandra for their involvement and always providing me with some models to work with. - Shutter Click~

Hair, Make up & Wardrobe: Cassidy & Cassandra
Models: Cassidy & Cassandra
Photographer: Kevin Vyse Photography. 

© Kevin Vyse Photography
All Rights Reserved 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography
All Rights Reserved 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography
All Rights Reserved 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography
All Rights Reserved 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography
All Rights Reserved 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography
All Rights Reserved 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography
All Rights Reserved 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography
All Rights Reserved 2015


She's the kind of woman who loves life, nature, travel and experiences life to the fullest while being thankful for her experiences.

Flower crows, nick nacks, dresses, jewelry... this was the back bone of our shoot. Bohemian Picnic was the theme and our location was in a big backyard which was set up as the bohemian picnic. Cassidy is a good friend of mine and a fantastic Hair Stylist, we have worked with each other for all kinds of different shoots as I'm sure you've seen before in past blog posts. 
Not only is Cassidy a wiz with hair, but she was the one who set up this fantastic set to photograph on with all of her own personal Nick Nacks. Weather wise, we were a little worried as it was pretty cloudy and the forecast called for rain, but that wasn't going to stop us. Lucky enough for us it started to clear up and the sun was diffused through the clouds, giving us some nice soft even light. 

With music blaring, some wine flowing and the creative juices fired up we started off with the shoot. I wasn't to sure if I was going to use lighting or not, but after snapping a few shots and seeing that the sun was out enough to cause some tough shadows, the lights came out. We wanted to get a bunch of "Hippy-Flower Child" images as well as some creative portfolio work that I had in my back pocket ( The bike shot with the crazy chunky cloud sky). 

We had a ton of fun on this shoot along with Cassidy's sister who was on set to help out and watch the shoot go down and see how it's done because she is thinking about doing a shoot of her own in the near future. This shoot lasted about 4-5 hours, it was more of a hang out and shoot kind of thing, just having some fun, getting great shots and experimenting with lighting and different techniques. Hope you enjoy the images from this shoot - Shutter Click. 

© Kevin Vyse Photography 2015 

© Kevin Vyse Photography 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography 2015

© Kevin Vyse Photography 2015

Pittsburgh For The Win!

Ever feel like you just need to get away? you're sick of being in the same place all the time and working and feel bored on weekends? 

I get like this from time to time and once it all builds up over a couple weeks, I need an escape. An opportunity presented itself to me through my good friend JMAC, who was going to be taking off to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to meet up with a friend of his who is a Marine, to open up a new branch of his Charity PTSD Battle Cry. JMAC asked me if I'd want to go with him and see Pittsburgh for the first time, how could I resist an adventure? a chance to photograph a new place I've never been before? ... exactly! I couldn't. 

We hit the road, bags packed, camera gear all charged up and ready to shoot. Scott ( JMACS friend) put us up of the two nights we were there and was also our Tour Guide lol. Scott is a stand up guy who showed us all Pittsburgh has to offer, introduced us to a lot of amazing people who were so welcoming and friendly, took us to some world famous places to eat and of course, helped spread the word about PTSD Battle Cry (

Once it Pittsburgh we got right to it, hit up the city for some sight seeing and some food + beer.. lots and lots of beer haha. 7pm we had tickets (thanks to Scott) to head on over to PNC Park to see the Pirates take on the Cardinals, which was a huge treat for me as I've never been to a baseball game before. To my surprise, I was actually allowed to bring in my camera with me 70-200mm lens (big zoom lens), which would NEVER happen here in Canada. I shot a bunch of images of the game, we ate some food, had some more drinks and out of no where, who do we see? Geno's Malkin (Evgeni Malkin - Pittsburgh Penguins hockey player's dad).. so of course JMAC and Scott had me take their picture with him, which you will see in the images below. 


Day 2: Was all about tourism. We took to the streets yet again, all different areas of the city to experience and shoot as much as we could. We hit up Pamala's for some world renowned Pancakes, even President Obama eats there.. there was a signed picture of him on the wall, and let me tell you.. those pancakes are something special! We hit everything from a huge candy store to a Pittsburgh Pirates gift shop, to some little pubs/bars for drinks to a Bottle Shop and bar named Hal's which was amazing, my favourite place, we went there a few times. One of the best sites was Mt.Washington.. riding the trolly up the mountain side was fun, but the view at the top was breath taking. You could see all of Pittsburgh, the yellow bridges, the city, Point Park, and the split in the river.. amazing... but enough talk about it, I will let you experience it yourself through my images. Enjoy - Shutter Click.  

Pittsburgh from on top of Mt. Washington. 

Pittsburgh from the Mt. Washington look out.

out front of PNC PARK - Pittsburgh

While inside PNC PARK during the game with down town Pittsburgh as the backdrop.

Cardinals in PNC PARK - Pittsburgh

Alvarez up to bat.

Pirates up to bat

Above the Field VIP deck area.

Heinz Field home of the Steelelrs. 

JMAC & Scott, Opening of the PTSD BATTLECRY USA!


Scott and JMAC with Geno's Malkin ( Evgeni Malkin's Dad )


What a pleasure to shoot these two love birds! With our own personal private location full of creeks, forest, deer, open fields, corn fields the adventure unfolded through the afternoon. 

Anthony & Ellie wanted something new, fresh and creative which is what drove them to Kevin Vyse photography. Making sure to keep the vibe of an engagement shoot we set out to make some amazing images. With an overcast start to the afternoon we started to hike back into the woods finding little hidden gem locations to shoot in, which this area had tons of. 
   Ellie & Anthony seemed like photoshoot pros as every time we set up to shoot they were already in the perfect pose, which made my job really easy. Over all this shoot was a lot of fun, laughs were had, the hike gave us all an awesome work out and also helped us stay warm as the weather was quite dull and chilly.  - Shutter Click.



These two are also in to fitness, so of course we weren't going to leave that out of their session. Working out is all about the perfect hand placement... Anthony has this one down pat! 

Denial: Graffiti Artist

            To anyone that follows my Facebook page, you know that I recently did a fashion shoot in Windsor On this past Sunday. For those of you who don't follow my Facebook page and didn't know.. now you do! and ps, you should go follow my Facebook page, just type Kevin Vyse Photography into the search and it will come up. What you didn't know, was that while I was in Windsor I was lucky enough to meet an amazing, mind-blowing graffiti artist who's world renowned, his name DENIAL.  <--------- just click his name and you will magically be whisked away to his website... and I urge you to check it out because his stuff is the bees knees. 
            Honestly, I had never heard of him before I went to Windsor.. I had seen his Coke Can recreation before but didn't know anything about it or understand it. Luckily, the make-up artist and friend from the shoot, Melissa, knows him, and model Mindy from the shoot, her boyfriend works for him. So of course, we all got VIP access to his studio which was fantastic.

In order to get to the studio, the back way, we went down this alley which is full of graffiti and most of it, if not all of it, is Denials. It was quite a treat to see some seriously good Graffiti, in my home town it's a bunch of kids with standard nozzle spray cans from some store spray painting swear words and Penis' all over buildings.. Bravo ya idiots...

    I was blow away by the detail Denial can get out of these cans. I saw everything from a Heman character wall spread to a skeleton hand and route 66 sign art piece. Not only does he do these massive wall pieces, but in his shop he uses masking tape, spray paint, rulers, measuring tapes, scissors and all kinds of other things to make these amazing pieces of wall art. He masks out different parts of the image while exposing other parts to make layered pieces, which was cool for me to see because as a photographer, I do the same kind of stuff in Photoshop.   

Anyways, I won't drag this out anymore.. but again.. I urge you to click on the link I put in this blog and check out this guys work... it's amazing and some of it is pretty hilarious as well. Here's a few images I shot while we were there. I wish I would have got a portrait of him but we had 3 hours of straight shooting in the club and I didn't have the equipment with me I would have wanted to have to do an awesome portrait. - Shutter Click. 


The many spray cans of crazy colour Denial uses to make his masterpieces. 

A pretty well known Denial Piece, one of the first images I ever saw of his... sitting there along with a few other pieces of art. 

A few of art pieces from Denial maybe a few from other artists he likes as well.. I know he said there were some pieces around the shop of other artists who's work he really enjoys. 

A few pieces sitting on the table which are works in progress. 

where all the magic happens and the art comes together! Work Station.

where all the magic happens and the art comes together! Work Station.

Two giant Denial pieces in the Graffiti Alley behind the shop, such amazing work.

Stairway down to the merchandise shop.. T-shirts, Spray cans, Nozzles, hats and more.

One of my fave pieces: Enjoy Denial, a coke can parody. Great piece.  

And..... just because I shot it while I was there right after the visit with Denial, Detroit! I honestly had no clue that Detroit was THIS close to Windsor... I knew they were close, just not THIS close. 

RAWartists: PANORAMA showcase

June 19th, 2014 I was a part of the RAWartists network in Toronto On. displaying my photography. RAW is a group thats all about art, all forms of art (painting, live performances and music, photography, jewelry making, drawing etc... any art form). They come together all over the world allowing artists to apply and show off their work and network. You can sell your work at the show and they do not take a commission, which is pretty awesome of them. If you're interested in becoming a RAWartist or simply just want to read up on them to see what they're about, here's a link to their site: 

I wasn't to sure what to expect from RAW.. I was new to it, had only heard about it through another photographer on Facebook from my area a few weeks before I decided to go for it. I'm a quiet, shy kind of person, I don't do well in large social interaction, but 2014 for me was all about stepping out of comfort zone, putting myself and my work out there, meeting new people who love what I love and RAW showed up in my path, so why not jump in?! 
   Let's skip ahead to the night of the show. I had to be in Toronto by 2pm to set up my display, it was a 2 hour drive, but I got there fine and on time, actually about an hour early. I went inside and saw the fencing where I was going to be displaying my work, excited, nervous, anxious and a little tired as I didn't sleep much the night before... I took my work out of the box I had brought it in and started to place my work. After an agonizing 15 minutes, my work was up and looking quite good if I do say so myself! 
    I took a minute to check out the work that was hanging to the right and left of me and on my right, who's work was hanging there? None other than Tina Picard - Toronto based fashion photographer! I was blown away because I just found out about Tina maybe 3 weeks prior to the show and fell in love with it right away. I couldn't believe that my work was displayed beside hers, I was pumped but also feeling a little unworthy. I want you all to check out Tina's work, it's outstanding: TINA PICARD: FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER 

7pm: It's show time! 
          Ok... so I was a little late for doors open ha! but you have to be a little fashionably late, right? Actually my buddy Jeremy and I took off down town T.O. to hit the Ripley's Aquarium and get some food, it took a little longer than expected because it was such an awesome place to look around and get some shots. We made it back, I went to my show space and hung out for a bit until Tina walked up :) .... eeeeek, we talked for a bit and then people starting coming in and looking around. Right away I was in deep, talking to random people I didn't know, asking all kinds of questions about my work and style but surprisingly, I did alright.. I didn't throw up on anyone which was my biggest goal of the entire night. 
            I was actually surprised at how many people showed up to the event, the place was packed. I lost track of time, but not to long after people came in and looked around our RAW presenter jumped up on stage and got the show started. We had: 3 live fashion shows, a hand full of live bands, a guy who spit fire all over the place ( which was amazing.. I could feel the heat on my face and I was about 20 feet from the stage)... such an amazing display of talent. 
 Anyways.. i'm sure you just want to see pics.... and to those of you who actually read all of this... you're an amazing person lol..... oh PS, the images aren't amazing... I was there to show my work not shoot the event.. I just took these shots to give you a little feel of the night.  - Shutter Click.

A model struts the runway at RAW displaying a hand made by Love, Poetry Corsets 

A warrior model comes out strong to strut the runway at RAW looking fierce 

Warrior model striking a pose with her sward on stage at RAW

Second Warrior model with her flaming sword striking a pose at RAW 

Male model sporting his warrior wear on stage at RAW

Fenyx Fyre on stage at RAW blowing out a huge fire ball! what an amazing act. 

Fenyx Fyre holding a fire ball on his chest live on the RAW stage. 

Fenyx Fyre displaying another fire ball, which he is licking on the RAW stage

Fenyx Fyre Blowing out a giant cloud of fire on the RAW stage.

Lucky Widmore rocking out on stage at RAW, these guys have an awesome sound. loved them.

Over all view from the top floor at RAW. So many people showed up, so many great artists... I had a great night and grateful to be apart of the RAW family. Moral of the story, step out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you, great things come from it and you will feel more alive. Life starts when you're out of your comfort zone. Thank you RAW!


The scream of a CF-18 Fighter Jet sneaking up on you from behind just under the speed of sound is one of the best sounds I've ever heard. 

Today was the Tillsonburg ON. AirShow, which is a small show, but it's a great show. There really isn't much of a ground display like you normally see at air shows, and there are only two acts: The F-18 and the Canadian Snowbirds. Due to it being a small show, the planes really push the limits, which makes it that much better, plus it was soooo hot out and a shorter show really saved a lot of people. 

The F-18 came busting out just under the speed of sound from behind the crowd, and flew directly over us nice and low screaming like nothing you've heard before, it was amazing. Due to it also being fathers day, we got a little bit of a longer show than normal as the F-18 Pilot radioed in to get permission to do two extra fly by's at the end of his time slot, which was a treat! 
  Half hour after the F-18 left, the snowbirds fired up and taxied out. I was fortunate enough to be in Photo Alley, which was so close to where the snowbirds were parked. And by close I mean close.. about 20 feet. When they fired up their engines, the heat was insane, the noise was better than any live rock show and the smell of jet fuel smelt amazing. You know you're close when people are leaning forward to keep standing and peoples hats are flying off as they turn their heads away hahahha so awesome! 

here's some of the images i've worked on so far from the day.. more may be added, so please, follow my blog to get updates on this even and on future shoots. Thank you for checking me out, feel free to leave comments. - Shutter Click. 



© Kevin Vyse Photography 
All rights reserved 2014 

F-18 Hornet comes flying straight over head just under the speed of sound

F-18 does a high speed pass in front of the crowd, nice and low.

Snowbirds climb high into the sky, turn on the smoke and flip over backwards

Snowbirds Pilot puts his parachute on after giving it a check over

getting ready to taxi out, Pilot and ground crew member communicate with hand signals.

Snowbirds taxi out after all checks have been done. Let the show begin! 

Panning the camera with a slow shutter speed as the snowbirds take off to the skies

F-18 fly's by the crowd doing whats called the " top side pass " showing off the top of the plane and the 2014 paint scheme.

As the F-18 starts into a steep climb, vapour forms and fly's off his wings

Renaissance Festival!

WOW! it has been far to long since i've done a blog post, this must change. 

Smashing lances, crowds cheering, beer drinking, pig roasting, sword fighting and much much more! This was my experience today as I attended the 2014 Woodstock Ontario Renaissance Festival. This event was pretty amazing, with so much to see, from fire breathing to catapult slinging, archery, sword fights and Knights upon their steeds hitting each other with 10 foot wooden lances. When I showed up, the first thing I saw was 3 people dressed up in proper old time attire in a barn with Fire Batons spinning around their bodies, being balanced on their heads while another woman twirled around on a hula hoop type contraption hanging from the ceiling, it was quite impressive. 

   I continued onward to the grand stand where I heard the crowd yelling and clapping, of course I had to hurry to see what the ruckus was about. JOUSTING was about to commence! An announcer came out on a horse wearing quite the outfit and explaining what we were about to see and gave us the run down on how scoring for Jousting worked. Next rode out one of the knights, an older looking fellow with shiny armour. Then another knight came out, apparently they were father and son, who would think a father and son were about to joust one another, but thats what happened! 5 bouts took place with some real hard hits, one being dishorsed, chunks of wood flying through the air... men and women running through the crowd crying and screaming.... ok ok... that last part didn't happen, but in my weird over active mind it did lol. 

Here's some of my images from the day... I was only there for about an hour so I didn't get to see everything they had to offer. At some point there were sword and axe fights, some falconry and bands. There's still time, I may go back. - Shutter Click~


© Kevin Vyse Photography 
All rights reserved 2014 

Fire Blower getting a flame to burst off the end of the baton.

© Kevin Vyse Photography 

All rights reserved 2014

Lance smashes to pieces as the knights connect on horseback

© Kevin Vyse Photography 

All rights reserved 2014 

Another hard hit from the knights shattering the lances... the knight in blue was actually dishorsed with this hit.

© Kevin Vyse Photography 

All rights reserved 2014

First Knight came out and put his helmet on, then proceeded to ride right up to me for a close up photo op

© Kevin Vyse Photography 

All rights reserved 2014 

After jousting a crowd gathered on the grass as a bagpipe and drum band rocked out some tunes to promote their show later tonight. Braveheart style!