Globemaster C-177 London Ontario Airport - Publication

Word got out that a C-177 Globemaster out of Trenton Ontario would be flying into the London Ontario Airport YXU to pick up some very lucky Cadets who would be going up for a flight. Media had said that the Globemaster was scheduled to arrive at YXU for 9am, however, it was said that the Globemaster ran into a mechanical issue that needed to be addressed before they left Trenton Airforce Base. With only 4 hours of Sleep, I woke up at 7am and headed on out to London, I arrived around 8am.. thank goodness I had my coffee with me but should have brought some food with me too. After hearing about the Globemasters delay, it was now said it would be at the airport around 10:30am - 11am, more waiting and by now, the coffee was starting to work and I needed to relieve myself but there were so many people around.. thank god for fields and bushes lol. 11am rolled around, still no Globemaster, rumor had now spread that it was still on the tarmac in Trenton and wouldn’t be arriving until 12:30pm - 1pm.. at this time a lot of the people that were there waiting were getting in their cars and leaving.. me however.. I didn’t have plans and had already waited 5 hours, no point in leaving now. Around 1:45pm we heard that the Globemaster was in the air and on it’s way to YXU… my time line might be a little off but I remember it was somewhere around 3pm when we saw it on approach out of the east. Over this website I had on my phone where I could listen to the Control Tower I heard “ Bison5, you are clear to approach and land on runway ONE FIVE “ I quickly grabbed the camera and ran up onto this mound that was directly in line with the centre of runway 15 and it put me up high enough I was up over the fence and knew this was the best angle to get an amazing straight on shot.
As the Globemaster approached it looked like it was to high and to far into the runway to make a landing so we all thought it was going to do a touch-and-go, or a low pass then circle around to land which would have been so cool, unfortunately, it dropped like a rock and came in for a landing.. I was surprised, figured it would need a lot more of the runway to land than what it used. Knowing that they were there to pick up cadets for a flight, we knew that the C-177 would be doing a take off which would bring it right at us. When it landed it came in from the opposite end of the runway from us and was to far away to get a decent shot of the landing, so the take off was what I was waiting for. It took roughly 35 mins to load the first group of Cadets up, then we heard over the scanner that they were getting ready to taxi passed runway 09 and down to the back of runway 15. Back up on the dirt mound I was dead centre of runway 15 and could see the Globemaster start to roll.. I could hear the 4 massive engines power up and see all the dust blow around behind it on the runway creating a large dust cloud. It’s a bit intimidating seeing something that huge come right at you, then lift off of the ground and stay up in the air, then fly right over your head. I remember looking up at one point when the plane filled my frame and I couldn’t shoot anymore and all I saw was Grey .. no sky, just grey.. it was right over my head, the sound was so loud I could feel the rumble in my chest then a massive amount of air blowing back on me… just crazy.

After editing and posting on social media it was pointed out to me that the London Ontario International Airport (YXU) had shared my image on their site, their twitter, Instagram and facebook which is pretty awesome! It was definitely worth waiting around on Creamery Rd. for 7 hours to get the shot… now it’s the long wait until September for the London Air Show!

C-177 GLOBEMASTER - take off from YXU
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Image Publication on YXU website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Great Lakes International Air Show 2016

   Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Vintage Airplanes, Paratroopers, Gliders and vendors, the 2016 Great Lakes International Air Show was fantastic! With a clear sky, a scorching sun and a very small breeze, the Snowbirds took to the skies to open the show. Screaming in from the left, right, front and back, not knowing where they will be coming from next or how many of them there will be, the snowbirds never disappoint! As an air show veteran, it was nice to see a few new maneuvers in their routine. 
   This year there was everything from a transport truck that had a jet engine on the back of it shooting a gigantic flame out the back and making large clouds of smoke, to a glider. A C-130 Hercules flew in from 8 Wing Trenton Airforce Base, made a few passes, dropped some WDI ( Wind Direction Indicators ) then two SAR Techs  leaped out the back, with parachutes of course. Once on the ground the C-130 made a pass, landed to show how quick it can stop, turned around and picked up the SAR Techs, then took off to show how little room it needs to take off. They were on duty so, so they could not stick around, but when they left they did one more high speed pass before they left the air space.
   Another crazy display, which I've never seen before at an air show was the car drop... Yep, I said car drop! A helicopter came out with a long cable hanging from the bottom of it and on the end of that cable was a white car. The announcers played it up like it was a car that parked in a no parking zone so the OPP came up with a way to get it out of the way... thats when they brought it out. Once nice and high in the air, they decided to "put the car down " ... and put it down they did. The cable cut loose and the car fell for what seemed like quite a while until BOOOM!!!!! a big cloud of smoke and bits and piece of car went flying! 
   Two favourites at the show were the F-18, Of course, and Pete Mcleod, A Red Bull Racer/stunt pilot who is the youngest race pilot in the history of racing ( I believe ). The F-18 Demo Jet ripped the skies hitting 1000km per hour just screaming by, you could feel it in your chest. With it's high altitude capabilities, it's quick high G turns, rolls, flips it's always an amazing sight.. My fav by far. 
Pete Mcleod, wow... this guy is insane! The things he does with this plane are mind blowing. Flips and rolls like nothing else.. things that make the plane look like it should just fall apart, or things a plane should never do. Climbing so high the engine stalls out, the tumbling uncontrollably back down to earth, Pete then regains control, powers full throttle using the earths gravity and the power of the engine, he gathers up a ton of speed to push him through the next series of flips and turns. 

Over all, it was an amazing day! The heat was intense 34ºC, no clouds and barely a breeze.. people were passing out, the EMT's had their hands full. Did I get burnt.. Oh yeah, I suffered heat stroke.. did I drink a ton of water.. sure did... did people have an amazing time.. you bet.. was it worth it.. HELL YES!!!! always is. Next up is the London Air Show in London Ontario, Canada.. cannot wait for that in September.. This year the F-22 Raptor will be there.. my dream plane. 
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Afghanistan War Memorial Unveiling

158 Flags snapping around, dancing in the cool wind of April 11th 2015. A crowed gathered around the Cenotaph in Woodstock ON. to pay respects and await the unveiling of a piece of history. 

158 Soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom in Afghanistan. One of these soldiers struck close to home; Pte. Tyler W. Todd from Bright Ontario, Canada lost his life while on foot patrol due to a road side bomb 5 years ago today (April 11th 2010). This Afghanistan War Monument, which is a soldiers Rifle, boots and helmet also known as the Battle Cross, was put in place in Woodstock, not only in Memory of Pte. Tyler W. Todd, but for all the soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan. 

It was pleasure to be brought in to photograph this ceremony by the good fellows from THE EVENING OF HONOUR; 3 fellows: Jeremy Mac Knott, Kevin DeClark and Stephen Smith who decided one day that the veteran's of the Afghanistan War needed to be commemorated as this war was Canada's longest conflict, so they put together THE EVENING OF HONOUR, which is an event to raise money which can be put towards things like this War Memorial to commemorate the fallen. So much was happening: The colour party marching in, Wreaths being laid, Politicians speaking, Veteran motorcycle clubs riding in, 158 Flags stood at attention, each with the names of the fallen printed on the flag sticks and even a fly over by a WWII Harvard aircraft. It was a cold day due to the high winds but the skies were pretty clear and blue, the sun was out and the crowd was large, what more could we ask for. To see a community come together to honour our military personnel, Past, Present and future was amazing. - Shutter Click.

Evening Of Honour Members: Kevin DeClark, Jeremy Mac Knott (JMAC) and Stephen Smith Standing with Matt, who was in Afghanistan with Pte.Tyler W. Todd.

The Devils Regimen Salute the Cenotaph after laying down a wreath. 

Afghanistan War Monument a.k.a THE BATTLE CROSS Sits Proud alongside the Woodstock ON. Cenotaph. 158 Canadian Flags dance in the wind, each with a fallen soldiers name on the wooden shaft. 

3 Military men march out after placing a wreath at the Cenotaph. 

Saluting the Cenotaph after placing the wreath 

Jeremy and Kevin show a father of one of the fallen, his sons flag which was placed directly behind the Battle Cross. 

Base of the Afghanistan Monument.

Cadets March In. 

Colour Party Marches In.

Dave MacKenzie Speech.

Ernie Hardeman Speech.

Woodstock Ontario's Mayor: Trevor Birtch, Speech.

Fellas from THE EVENING OF HONOUR at the podium.

Jeremy doing an interview with CTV.

Kevin doing an interview with CTV.

Jeremy, Kevin, Stephen and Matt unveiling the Afghanistan War Memorial: Battle Cross.

Kevin standing up at the Cenotaph.

The Minute Of Silence. 

A few Military men hanging out as they get ready to start the ceremony. 

Silver Cross Mothers Presenting the Silver Cross to the Cenotaph.

Silver Cross Mothers receiving roses.

Soldiers presenting a wreath to lay at the Cenotaph.

The Devils Regiment arrives.

Members of the Woodstock Police Department Stand amongst the 158 Flags.

Pte. Tyler W. Todd's Mother reaches out to touch the Battle Cross in memory of her son while holding onto her grand daughter. 

Woodstock Ontario WWII Veteran Receives Frances Legion Of Honour Medal

    The rumble of 4 harvard's, the sound of the Military men and women marching, the sound of a trumpet being played; all were experienced today in London Ontario at Victoria Park for a special medal ceremony. 

    Ken, a WWII veteran from Woodstock Ontario, along with 3 other WWII veteran's received medals for their service today. Ken was the reason I was there, he was receiving a medal, which i'm told only 4 other Canadians have received, the Legion Of Honour, the highest honour medal of France. To be able to photograph such an amazing event, a piece of history which I will never be able to photograph again i'm sure, was a pleasure. - Shutter Click


Ken, walking up to receive the Legion Of Honour Medal.


The scream of a CF-18 Fighter Jet sneaking up on you from behind just under the speed of sound is one of the best sounds I've ever heard. 

Today was the Tillsonburg ON. AirShow, which is a small show, but it's a great show. There really isn't much of a ground display like you normally see at air shows, and there are only two acts: The F-18 and the Canadian Snowbirds. Due to it being a small show, the planes really push the limits, which makes it that much better, plus it was soooo hot out and a shorter show really saved a lot of people. 

The F-18 came busting out just under the speed of sound from behind the crowd, and flew directly over us nice and low screaming like nothing you've heard before, it was amazing. Due to it also being fathers day, we got a little bit of a longer show than normal as the F-18 Pilot radioed in to get permission to do two extra fly by's at the end of his time slot, which was a treat! 
  Half hour after the F-18 left, the snowbirds fired up and taxied out. I was fortunate enough to be in Photo Alley, which was so close to where the snowbirds were parked. And by close I mean close.. about 20 feet. When they fired up their engines, the heat was insane, the noise was better than any live rock show and the smell of jet fuel smelt amazing. You know you're close when people are leaning forward to keep standing and peoples hats are flying off as they turn their heads away hahahha so awesome! 

here's some of the images i've worked on so far from the day.. more may be added, so please, follow my blog to get updates on this even and on future shoots. Thank you for checking me out, feel free to leave comments. - Shutter Click. 



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All rights reserved 2014 

F-18 Hornet comes flying straight over head just under the speed of sound

F-18 does a high speed pass in front of the crowd, nice and low.

Snowbirds climb high into the sky, turn on the smoke and flip over backwards

Snowbirds Pilot puts his parachute on after giving it a check over

getting ready to taxi out, Pilot and ground crew member communicate with hand signals.

Snowbirds taxi out after all checks have been done. Let the show begin! 

Panning the camera with a slow shutter speed as the snowbirds take off to the skies

F-18 fly's by the crowd doing whats called the " top side pass " showing off the top of the plane and the 2014 paint scheme.

As the F-18 starts into a steep climb, vapour forms and fly's off his wings