New Style

New Style in my bag

HELLO everyone! Finally, it seems like winter has been defeated and spring weather is making it's way into South-Western Ontario! it's +7 out there right now, snow is quickly melting, the air is fresh, the sun is shining, I couldn't ask for more. So, with this new weather, here's some new imagery. 

One picture, just to show you whats coming! I'm excited to announce my animated still images also known as  Cinemagraphs. These are still images that have a moving component in them, which really adds some creativity. Unfortunately, these kinds of images cannot be printed and can only be used on certain internet forums. So, from this point on, any Cinemagraphs I make will be posted on my webpage/blog as Flickr and Facebook do not seem to support them. I will, however, post links to my blogs and/or Cinemagraph section of my website, once it has been created. That portion of my site will be created once I get some really creative Cinemagraphs made. I just wanted to post a quick one (wish some bad editing, as you can see hahaha) so you all have an idea of whats to come... i'm sure you can see the potential these have for creativity! 

- Shutter Click!