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Denial: Graffiti Artist

            To anyone that follows my Facebook page, you know that I recently did a fashion shoot in Windsor On this past Sunday. For those of you who don't follow my Facebook page and didn't know.. now you do! and ps, you should go follow my Facebook page, just type Kevin Vyse Photography into the search and it will come up. What you didn't know, was that while I was in Windsor I was lucky enough to meet an amazing, mind-blowing graffiti artist who's world renowned, his name DENIAL.  <--------- just click his name and you will magically be whisked away to his website... and I urge you to check it out because his stuff is the bees knees. 
            Honestly, I had never heard of him before I went to Windsor.. I had seen his Coke Can recreation before but didn't know anything about it or understand it. Luckily, the make-up artist and friend from the shoot, Melissa, knows him, and model Mindy from the shoot, her boyfriend works for him. So of course, we all got VIP access to his studio which was fantastic.

In order to get to the studio, the back way, we went down this alley which is full of graffiti and most of it, if not all of it, is Denials. It was quite a treat to see some seriously good Graffiti, in my home town it's a bunch of kids with standard nozzle spray cans from some store spray painting swear words and Penis' all over buildings.. Bravo ya idiots...

    I was blow away by the detail Denial can get out of these cans. I saw everything from a Heman character wall spread to a skeleton hand and route 66 sign art piece. Not only does he do these massive wall pieces, but in his shop he uses masking tape, spray paint, rulers, measuring tapes, scissors and all kinds of other things to make these amazing pieces of wall art. He masks out different parts of the image while exposing other parts to make layered pieces, which was cool for me to see because as a photographer, I do the same kind of stuff in Photoshop.   

Anyways, I won't drag this out anymore.. but again.. I urge you to click on the link I put in this blog and check out this guys work... it's amazing and some of it is pretty hilarious as well. Here's a few images I shot while we were there. I wish I would have got a portrait of him but we had 3 hours of straight shooting in the club and I didn't have the equipment with me I would have wanted to have to do an awesome portrait. - Shutter Click. 


The many spray cans of crazy colour Denial uses to make his masterpieces. 

A pretty well known Denial Piece, one of the first images I ever saw of his... sitting there along with a few other pieces of art. 

A few of art pieces from Denial maybe a few from other artists he likes as well.. I know he said there were some pieces around the shop of other artists who's work he really enjoys. 

A few pieces sitting on the table which are works in progress. 

where all the magic happens and the art comes together! Work Station.

where all the magic happens and the art comes together! Work Station.

Two giant Denial pieces in the Graffiti Alley behind the shop, such amazing work.

Stairway down to the merchandise shop.. T-shirts, Spray cans, Nozzles, hats and more.

One of my fave pieces: Enjoy Denial, a coke can parody. Great piece.  

And..... just because I shot it while I was there right after the visit with Denial, Detroit! I honestly had no clue that Detroit was THIS close to Windsor... I knew they were close, just not THIS close.