She Said Yes


What a pleasure to shoot these two love birds! With our own personal private location full of creeks, forest, deer, open fields, corn fields the adventure unfolded through the afternoon. 

Anthony & Ellie wanted something new, fresh and creative which is what drove them to Kevin Vyse photography. Making sure to keep the vibe of an engagement shoot we set out to make some amazing images. With an overcast start to the afternoon we started to hike back into the woods finding little hidden gem locations to shoot in, which this area had tons of. 
   Ellie & Anthony seemed like photoshoot pros as every time we set up to shoot they were already in the perfect pose, which made my job really easy. Over all this shoot was a lot of fun, laughs were had, the hike gave us all an awesome work out and also helped us stay warm as the weather was quite dull and chilly.  - Shutter Click.



These two are also in to fitness, so of course we weren't going to leave that out of their session. Working out is all about the perfect hand placement... Anthony has this one down pat!